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Fabrication of a Communication Cable Assembly Machine

HYE Precision Products‘ experienced engineering team is dedicated to producing the highest quality automated systems, integrating advanced technology and innovative solutions. The machine shown here operates as a communication cable assembly and inspection system for a consumer products manufacturer. Operating with electro-mechanical and pneumatic systems, this machine was engineered and fabricated entirely in-house.

Featuring Allen Bradley PLCs and touch screen HMI, it also included a Sercos servo interface. Intended to wind, inspect, cut, trim, and crimp communication cables, the internal working of the machine incorporated winding functionality with tension control and magnetic particle brake with encoder feedback. Color sensors were used to detect defects and Lightgate guarding protected workers from injury. Final dimensions were 125″ in length, 50″ in width, and 81″ in height with a weight of 1650 lbs.

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Communication Cable Assembly Machine Project Highlights

Product Description
Assembly and inspection machine for a consumer product, communication cables
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Design Engineering


Overall Part Dimensions
125.00″ Length x 50.00″ Width x 81.00″ HeightWeight: 1650lbs
Additional Facts
Design Details:

  • Electro-Mechanical and Pneumatic
  • Allen Bradley PLC with Touch Screen HMI
  • Sercos Servo Interface
  • Winding Functionality with Tension Control
  • Magnetic Particle Brake with Encoder Feedback
  • Lightgate Guarding
  • Color Sensor Defect Detection
  • Winds, Inspects, Cuts, Trims, and Crimps
Industry for Use
Consumer Products
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Communication Cable Assembly Machine

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